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SSL Certificates

Today i had hard time installing SSL certificate on one of our IIS servers. when i was trying to follow the provider instructions and "Complete Certificate Request" i got "Failed to remove certificate"! and import required pfx file which i didn't have, we only got crt file. and trying converting that to pfx was failing. until i hit this gem "OR it could be the cert (Network solutions is notorious for this as they charge $150 for helping to install it) doesn't actually have a privatge key.  Here are instructions to make the PFX if you have no private key. To fix this, use the MMC snapin to import the cert into PERSONAL, click it and grab the serial # line.  Go to dos, run certutil -repairstore my "paste the serial 3 in here" (you need the quotes) then refresh MMC with personal certs, right click it – export – select everything except DELETE PRIVATE KEY, hit ok.  Then go to IIS and IMPORT cert instead of finish request.  bingo – fix