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Blazor WASM hosted as Azure Static Web App and how to handle direct links

Long time no post! i have been busy trying to "lunch" my PWA app , one of the challenges i faced was when i communicate direct links to the users like that gave the user an Azure 404 page although it's a valid path on the Blazor WASM app, but as this is an SPA and routing is happening at client-side, when calling this directly the server looks for and as it doesn't find it, it return 404. a couple of google searches and i did find some solutions out there for that, and when trying to implement them i got a major issue, handling this issue can only be really tested after deployment as part of the solution do relay on what are you hosting the Blazor app on, i did try a couple of them but nothing really worked without issues! but when i combined a couple of them together it did form a good solution for and i though to share it so the solution have 3 part