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Why .NET Core Whhhhhyyyyy!

So all what i wanted is to encrypt and decrypt a string from on end to another using .NET Core 2 like why this is so hard why complicating something that was as easy as having the same machine key! what if i like to have my own JWT token generation API end point for any reason and guess what instead of sending the user password in the JSON body in plain text i would like to encrypt that based on a shared key that both client and server have it. should be easy, right?! the defult thing you will see when you Google .NET Core 2 Encryption / Decryption is the new Data Protection and IDataProtector interface. you will find a good example on how to use it. public void RunSample() { Console.Write("Enter input: "); string input = Console.ReadLine(); // protect the payload string protectedPayload = _protector.Protect(input); Console.WriteLine($"Protect returned: {protectedPayload}");

So that was stopping you

Finally got to what i think the root case for the student.xml not updating Network Id field on Sunapsis. using this query which is taken from a SQL stored procedure which i think update Network ID SELECT countingOfAllNetworkIDs.idnumber FROM (SELECT * , COUNT( listingOfAllNetworkIds.networkid ) OVER (PARTITION BY listingOfAllNetworkIds.networkid) duplicateCount FROM (SELECT idnumber , networkid FROM dbo.jbInternational WHERE COALESCE( networkid, '' ) <> '' UNION SELECT idnumber , PRSN_NTWRK_ID FROM dbo.iuieBio WHERE COALESCE( PRSN_NTWRK_ID, '' ) <> '') AS listingOfAllNetworkIds) AS countingOfAllNetworkIDs WHERE countingOfAllNetworkIDs.duplicateCount >= 2 Copy to Clipboard so any id on that list wouldn't get network id updated based Sunapsis support tip we removed all duplicates and kept only latest record on iuieBio table for the same univ

Sunapsis what's wrong!

So ... we had an odd issue, we have that datafeed xml for students and it dose have the network id, but after the scheduled task run still no network id on the core bio. information. thanks for my ColdFusion friend Marcus i found a log entry on application.log indicating that the .cfm that is scheduled to import the xml have a query which timed out! finally some meaningful information in a log

Sunapsis one more new software

Today i was introduced to yet a new software in my 15+ years journey on information technology realm. Sunapsis™ another chance for me to learn something new. you got to love this job, because if you don't ...