So that was stopping you

Finally got to what i think the root case for the student.xml not updating Network Id field on Sunapsis.

using this query which is taken from a SQL stored procedure which i think update Network ID

SELECT countingOfAllNetworkIDs.idnumber
         , COUNT( listingOfAllNetworkIds.networkid ) OVER (PARTITION BY listingOfAllNetworkIds.networkid) duplicateCount
     (SELECT idnumber
             , networkid
      FROM dbo.jbInternational
      WHERE COALESCE( networkid, '' ) <> ''
      SELECT idnumber
             , PRSN_NTWRK_ID
      FROM dbo.iuieBio
      WHERE COALESCE( PRSN_NTWRK_ID, '' ) <> '')
   AS listingOfAllNetworkIds)
  AS countingOfAllNetworkIDs
WHERE countingOfAllNetworkIDs.duplicateCount >= 2

so any id on that list wouldn't get network id updated
based Sunapsis support tip we removed all duplicates and kept only latest record on iuieBio table for the same university ID.

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