RSA and JWT in .NET 8

Code below is a helper class to help sign and use public key to verify, both keys values must have the "BEGIN RSA" and "END RSA" lines public class JwtHelper { private readonly IConfiguration _configuration; public JwtHelper(IConfiguration configuration) { _configuration = configuration; } public RsaSecurityKey GetSigningPublicKey() { string keyText = string.Join(Environment.NewLine, _configuration.GetSection("PublicKey").Get ()); var rsa = RSA.Create(); rsa.ImportFromPem(keyText); RsaSecurityKey publicKey = new RsaSecurityKey(rsa); return publicKey; } public SigningCredentials GetSigningCredentials() { string keyText = string.Join(Environment.NewLine, _configuration.GetSection("PrivateKey").Get ()); var rsa = RSA.Create(); rsa.ImportFromPem(keyText); SigningCredentials signingCreds = new SigningCredentials(new RsaSecurityKey(

Blazor WASM hosted as Azure Static Web App and how to handle direct links

Long time no post! i have been busy trying to "lunch" my PWA app , one of the challenges i faced was when i communicate direct links to the users like that gave the user an Azure 404 page although it's a valid path on the Blazor WASM app, but as this is an SPA and routing is happening at client-side, when calling this directly the server looks for and as it doesn't find it, it return 404. a couple of google searches and i did find some solutions out there for that, and when trying to implement them i got a major issue, handling this issue can only be really tested after deployment as part of the solution do relay on what are you hosting the Blazor app on, i did try a couple of them but nothing really worked without issues! but when i combined a couple of them together it did form a good solution for and i though to share it so the solution have 3 part

Blazor and Square Payments

Another day of poking around and conquer challenges. For my project "" i was trying to figure out a solution to process payments using a payment provider but for others, as i wanted the funds to go directly to cooks accounts. after some research i settled on Square as such functionality was addressed more obviously there. But ... how can i get their magical box display on Blazor WASM app i have as a front end? after some decent effort i managed to do so and also have a way to submit and get a token to be used along with a cook OAuth token to process a payment for them! i though to turn this into an open source library, but not quite committed to that yet, but if you land here search for something slimier here you go :)

Microsoft.IdentityModel.Tokens version 6.15.0 no user context in AuthorizationHandlerContext

A lesson learned i would like to share. I had a working JWT using RSA key pairs on a .NET 6 based API, installing Microsoft.IdentityModel.Tokens version 6.15.0 (latest) broke it, my custom policy handler were not getting the user context! I tried everything i know to fix it from my side but only restoring back to version 6.14.1 fixed it for me. I checked the package Github and it seems there are a couple issues mentioning dependencies version!

revenera InstallShield and Web.Config authentication mode="None"

 So, i came upon this uncommon scenario. I had a very working InstallShield to deploy a Web API into IIS, after updating to 2020R3 i think, all of the sudden the deployed site was not functioning in the most bizarre way. The API did have a couple of config./admin pages where it was working just fine, API connection to the database source was working fine as well, the connection test did include testing user credentials as well, but when i tried to use same credentials on an endpoint, i would a message that authentication was denied for this request! to add to the mix, i had the same exact Web API on the same exact IIS and the same exact connection running from Visual Studio just fine! so after many many hours of testing and smashing my head against the wall 😫, i found out the root cause, for some reason InstallShield on deployment was removing below line from my web.config included with the Web API app. <authentication mode="None"/> Copy to Clipboard now that was h

FINALLY remove unused reference is here

 i normally do not check release notes, but something pushed me to do it this time when i was about to upgrade to Visual Studio version 16.10.4, and I FOUND THIS ! Although the screen shot doesn't till what type of reference this would handle, is it only limited to NuGet packages? dose it extend to directly referenced DLLs (yes some folks still do that!) Framework files? Anyway i am existed to try this out and will update this with any findings i feel worth to share, so stay tuned! UPDATE: i am very disappointed, it's marking needed referenced projects and packages as not needed!, like i have it in a using for a class, and it's in bright white because it's used, and i can see it's being used, still it get in as unused reference, while other projects i get a message that there isn't any unused references! hope Microsoft fix this, it's really a neat feature specially for Blazor WASM , where every mb count

Visual Studio, Blazor WASM, and Docker

 So as usual my attempts to create something take to places where i find things do not work the way i wanted, then i find myself searching for a way to get things to work i want them, and in this case it might be the way a lot of people want to. last weekend i wanted to explore how easy or hard to containerize / Dockrize a .NET5 back-end, Blazor WASM front-end app. for the back-end things were super easy, just right click, add docker support, add containers orchestration and all was working, running, and debugging according to plan. Now when i tried to do the same for a Blazor WASM project things got a it ugly, seems like Visual Studio generate these according to project type, and i guess it saw the Blazor WASM as another .NET hosted web app, which is and is not quite! See Blazor WASM are entirely client side running, the server is there to just provide files but no process occur at the server, so technically you can host a Blazor WASM app on any web server (like Nginx) without the nee