FINALLY remove unused reference is here

 i normally do not check release notes, but something pushed me to do it this time when i was about to upgrade to Visual Studio version 16.10.4, and I FOUND THIS!

Although the screen shot doesn't till what type of reference this would handle, is it only limited to NuGet packages? dose it extend to directly referenced DLLs (yes some folks still do that!) Framework files?

Anyway i am existed to try this out and will update this with any findings i feel worth to share, so stay tuned!


i am very disappointed, it's marking needed referenced projects and packages as not needed!, like i have it in a using for a class, and it's in bright white because it's used, and i can see it's being used, still it get in as unused reference, while other projects i get a message that there isn't any unused references!

hope Microsoft fix this, it's really a neat feature specially for Blazor WASM , where every mb count

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