VSTS, VSO and Azure Devops

So i had the chance to explore Azure Devops and i must say i am impressed.

i didn't test how much useful it's if we try hook it up to other hosts than Azure but for Azure i must say this is wonderfully working well with some minimum configuration required from my side.

the only issue i did encounter while i was trying to setup a build pipeline for my app (.NET Core SDK v2.2.103) was the fact that for some reason this didn't work.

digging deeper i found a slimier issue, instead of waiting for the solution i decided to lower the version to SDK 2.2.102 and it worked.

now once i push or merge to master branch my solution get build and deployed to my Azure web app.

all with minimal configuration from my side.

Azure Devops in my opinion is the result of mixing Github and TFS and it do contian the best of both worlds.

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