.NET Core stdoutLog in web.config

So i am hosting my project https://www.worknxt.com at host site which uses plesk, that dosen't give you broad access to logs which you need to look at spicealy if you .NET Core website which was working fine on your laptop 😀, now is not working at all on host!

but thanks to stdoutLog that you can find in web.config you can have some idea on why your web app fail to start, the problem is even after setting this to true i didn't find any log created 😢

as always the problem came from my own expectations about how things should work, see the entry by default have a path of \logs\stdoutLog and i though well fine if .NET Core didn't find the folder it would create it, WRONG!

see once i created the folder i got that stdoutLog and realized i was missing a DLL, now everything works just fine 😉

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