Tabulator on Bootstrap tab

As i was going on my project WorkNxt, i found a new interesting problem.

i mean this one of the main reasons i started this anyway, is to find and solve interesting problems! 

i am using Tabulator and Bootstrap along with other JS and CSS libraries on this project, and what i wanted was very simple, to have a bootstrap tab navigator with two tabs each with a Tabulator table on it.

Simple?, not really, see what i found out is for some reason Tabulator might have trouble rendering in a Div with css display set to none, which is exactly the not shown yet tab(s) would be.

How did i resolve this, and i would dare to say it's a very good solution, is the little JS script below

 function redrawTable() {
 	$('#detials-tab a[href="#TargetTab"]').unbind('', redrawTable);

 $('#detials-tab a[href="#TargetTab"]').on('', redrawTable);

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